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I'm Em.




my text post tag is "emtext". savior/xkit if you don't want to see text from me! i won't be offended.

inspiration blog

honestly, I’m pretty proud of that top study, actually. i think that one really holds up as more than just a study. i’m really quite happy with it.

i’m sorry i haven’t posted any art for a few days now, btw! i’ve been.. so caught up in something, that i just haven’t managedt o make myself sit down and get stuff done.

i have plans though. such plans

last night in bed i was laying there just thinking about stuff and out of no where it occurred to me that my characters are missing fear. the fear of just about anything going wrong. that is what they are missing

i don’t give them fears

i will instill the fear.

(i just don’t know of what, yet.)

That potion seller thing I did saying it looks like the Oblivion CC is suddenly being reblogged all over the place, I am going to collapse.