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my text post tag is "emtext". savior/xkit if you don't want to see text from me! i won't be offended.

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every single comment in the tags of someone who reblogs that bloody mary picture make me feel so good. it just feels awesome and to be honest it kind of makes me want to do more fanart in general, because there’s something about making something that people can enjoy together that just makes me feel great

there is far too much text beyond this point, boy oh boy. replies->

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I deactivated all of my old deviantart accounts and my “current” one.

It feels good. It really does.

nevermind, it works. the tablet pen has a charger. i am the biggest fool.

i have to be honest and say that i really didn’t expect anyone to even read what i wrote last night, as long and personal as it was. i really appreciate the general response to it, it made me feel pretty good to have people to relate to even in silence.

so, you know. without getting too sappy about it, thank you. i really mean it.

manga studio 5 is 19$ on amazon again right now. if you don’t have it and are interested in it i 100% recommend it.