chicken whispers

I'm Em.




my text post tag is "emtext". savior/xkit if you don't want to see text from me! i won't be offended.

inspiration blog

i miss mason and am going to draw him, so, mason inc.

i have a laundry list of things that i’d like to do, especially that i’d like to improve on.

i think loomis heads will be a thing in the future. also, ridiculous poses and expressions. that would be fun, i think. it’s not something i’m used to.

there’s just so much to do, and i feel very little time! but actually plenty of time. someone that i follow described this feeling of having so many things that you want to do as being sort of like a mind traffic jam and i think that’s really accurate.

I have something I’ll be able to post in a while and I am excited to share it